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Date:01-Nov-06, 3:51 am, GMT
Name:Robert Duffy

Thanks for posting your site, 'The Guitar Collection'. It's fascinating to explore some of the rather unique guitars that have been designed over the years.

Best of luck to you and your website.

Robert Duffy

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Date:19-Oct-06, 9:22 pm, GMT
Name:Patrice NOEL
Location:Grenoble FRANCE

Hi Guy,
I learned a lot visiting your site, go on to take care of all these beauties.

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 29-Oct-06, 1:37 pm, GMT

Thank you for your message. You also have some interesting guitars and it was great to read the history of each one which you have comprehensively researched - even though my French isn't quite good enough to understand everything you've included!
Best wishes to you and your band "Tabasco" - I hope to see them live one day.
Au Revoir et Merci, Guy.

Date:17-Oct-06, 5:50 pm, GMT
Location:north wales

I have a Vox Shadow, Double cutaway,Red with white pick guard, 3 pick ups 1 volume control and 2 tone controls. a pick up selector on lower cutaway bout. Has number on rear of neck, (60475) Does this mean anything, What info can you give me please?

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 29-Oct-06, 1:35 pm, GMT

Thanks for your enquiry. Of course I've written to you personally and, without seeing a photo, it seems like a second generation Shadow from about the mid 60's from Jennings Musical Industries of Dartford, Kent. Equally well known for their amps, they had a large and constantly changing range of guitars and many of their 60's models are highly collectable today.
Regards Guy.

Date:04-Oct-06, 9:52 pm, GMT

Hi, Just stumbled across your site and immediatly saw the futurama coronado automatic. That pic reminded me of mine when i first bought it around 15 years ago (Really nice condition)! Unfortunatly mine has been gigged and played so much that it is fairly battered now but i would never part with it. I have seen a couple of them go for sale recently and been really tempted to get another. Maybe i will.

All the best


Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 07-Oct-06, 11:41 am, GMT +1

Thanks for your message. It was good to hear from another Futurama Coronado owner! Thanks also for sending me pictures of the old lady (and, of course, your other guitars) - she's obviously very well loved but definitely shows her "battle scars"!!
I enjoyed looking at the Rebel Radio site and listening to your audio link. As you say...a fusion of indie/rock guitars...and an interesting and alternative style. All in all a great mix and I can't wait to see "Rebel Radio" live.
Regards Guy./p>

Date:24-Sep-06, 10:02 pm, GMT
Name:Ed Simons

Hi Guy,
I've just had time to look at your marvellous collection in detail (apart from the ones I already know) and I think they are wonderful.
Keep up the good work and if you need help or advice at any time, just call.
I've taken your advice on having my own website. It will be up and running soon,

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 26-Sep-06, 12:47 pm, GMT +1

I was so pleased to know that you've decided to have your own website built and by those great people at Pema - they've certainly done a wonderful job for me!! I'm looking forward to exchanging links with you as soon as it's finished.
Also its good that you are willing to share your exciting collection of guitars with the world. Not forgetting the guitars you have hand built yourself and I'm just pleased to have the very first Simons ES 121 serial no 00001 in my collection!
Thank you also for all the repairs you have carried out for me - without your help and advice, my collection be not be what it is today! Apart from that, anyone who has gigged with Eric Clapton, as you have done, must be OK with me!
I'll see you again very soon.
Regards, Guy.

Date:22-Sep-06, 12:12 pm, GMT

Hi Guy,

great Guitar Collection you have. What Kind of Music you do?

Visit my other site as well.



Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 26-Sep-06, 12:43 pm, GMT +1

Thank you for visiting and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed both of your great sites! It was great to see musicians like Bill Wyman, Pete Wingfield and the Everly Brothers featured.
I also enjoyed reading about the "The Rolling Drunks" and I'm looking forward to hearing your CD with the amazing Albert Lee!
Apart from Albert Lee, my guitar heroes are Dave Edmonds and Mick Green but I enjoy all music from, say, the 50's and stars like Gene Vincent up to a young up and coming band from Cornwall, featured on my Archive page, called "My Elvis Blackout".
Keep Rockin', Guy.

Date:18-Sep-06, 6:29 pm, GMT
Name:Jim Twofeathers

Guy, Great site! I hope you and everyone else enjoys the new addition. Keep in touch.

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 26-Sep-06, 12:39 pm, GMT +1

Thank you for your message. I'm really looking forward to receiving your Texas built Alamo Fiesta very soon and adding it to my collection as it's a very rare guitar in the UK.
I enjoyed looking at your website so when you visit the UK maybe you should consider doing some investigations here in Cornwall?
Best wishes, Guy.

Date:13-Sep-06, 9:59 am, GMT
Name:mr tony best
Location:miltonkeynes bucks uk

hiya guys and gails just to let you all no there are still some bagains about as i found on saturday the 9 9 06 i went to a local car boot and i brought my first guitar for a price of 5.00 not nowing any thing about it . and it turns out to be a wilson mercury 6 early 70s model the lady told me it was her dads it s been in the attic for many years also i would like to thank guy for his time and imfo on the guitar many thanks tony best c58

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 13-Sep-06, 11:54 pm, GMT +1

Thank you for visiting my site and sharing your interesting story about the Wilson Mercury 6. It gives us all hope that there are still bargains to be had - we just have to look harder!
I was pleased to be able to help you and now, I hope you'll go out and find some more interesting guitars.
Best wishes,

Date:11-Sep-06, 3:01 pm, GMT
Name:Roger Gee
Location:Sunny Spain

Well Guy what can I say, great collection of some wonderfull (and weird!) guitars! fantastic stuff. Nice to see the old Broadway diplayed in all her glory.of course the Broadway was my first guitar (that and a Selmer "little giant" amp) next it was onto a red Futurama II and then Burns, Strats Teles etc,etc,but like your first love, you never forget your first guitar! Keep on rocking Guy! all the best Roger.

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 13-Sep-06, 11:53 pm, GMT +1

It was great to hear from you again and I can assure your Broadway guitar now has pride of place in my collection!!
The name Broadway was also a first for me as my first drum kit was a Broadway - but it wasn't a new one, it was very well used!
I hope you are enjoying sunny Spain and don't forget to email me if you come across any old, unusual or interesting guitars.
Thanks for visiting my site,

Date:09-Sep-06, 8:06 am, GMT
Name:robert cortes
Location:bronx,new york

nice website. i liked it very might want to try this

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 10-Sep-06, 1:25 pm, GMT +1

Thank you for sending me the information on myrareguitars - it's a great site with a huge variety of old and interesting guitars. I'd certainly be interested to know more about your collection of Fender Strats - I'm sure you have some very valuable guitars!
Regards and thanks for visiting my site,

Date:09-Sep-06, 8:03 am, GMT
Name:robert cortes
Location:new york city,usa

i liked your website very much. i also collect guitars but i only collect fender strastocasters.keep up the good work.check out this they have pretty nice guitars of the sixties and beyond.

Date:08-Sep-06, 11:11 am, GMT
Name:Mike Harrison
Location:Stranraer, Scotland

I'm glad my old Egmond has found a good home! Looking forward to seeing it on the website.
It was nice doing business with you.

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 10-Sep-06, 1:26 pm, GMT +1

The Egmond Solid 7 is a great and interesting addition to my collection and in super condition for a guitar approaching 50 years young! It's certainly a credit to its previous owner.
Best wishes for your continued success as a Composer, Songwriter, Classical Guitarist and Performer.
Best wishes and thank you for visiting my site,

Date:21-Aug-06, 1:21 am, GMT
Name:jeff myers
Location:Ohio, USA

Hey Guy! enjoy your site,,, I'm the one you contacted from ebay with the story on the old Vox Phantom XII. I picked this up from a fellow I worked with for $50, perfect condition, black w white pickguard, perfect original case. I was going thru a phase that I was buying guitars, stripping them and refinishing them mixing and matching parts etc, trying to "create" my own. I was a teenager, stupidstupidstupidstupid. Yep, stripped it down to bare wood and pretty much ruined it. I posted this on ebay and you wouldn't believe the emails I'm getting with similar stories around the world, guys doing the same things with valuable guitars,,, all when they were in their teens. in my case, nearly 35 years ago. Wish I had this one back. I ALMOST did this to a 1963 Hummingbird,,,, not sure why I didn't now, but some sort of alarm must have gone off in my head. It has become the sweetest guitar I've ever heard, still a dear friend I'm glad I didn't screw around with and ruin.

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 23-Aug-06, 9:19 am, GMT +1

Thank you for posting your story in my guestbook - as you say, lots of people round the world will relate to it as they did the same! It's also stories like this that help to make a site like mine interesting - so this is an invitation to anyone with a similar story to post it on my site . . . .
Best wishes for a successful sale of your Vox Phantom X11 and, despite the alterations you made all those years ago, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the selling price you'll achieve on ebay.
However I was glad to hear that the '63 Gibson Hummingbird survived intact!
Best wishes,

Date:12-Jul-06, 2:18 am, GMT
Name:Claudio Marcelo

Hi, I wanna know if still is possible to get some more information about Starforce 8007 guitar. And if it's possible to buy these model still, even used and oldie. Thank for any information. Claudio Marcelo Villarroel Mariani from Argentina

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 16-Jul-06, 10:56 am, GMT +1

Thank you for your message - it was great to hear from someone from the other side of the world!
The Starforce guitar in my collection, which dates from 1990, is the actual guitar featured in the "Ultimate Guitar Book" and was included because it was one of Korea's first attempts (and a successful one) at manufacturing a high quality "superstrat" type guitar. However it was not a commercial success probably because, at that time, Korea was not recognised as a country that built top quality instruments - it was aimed almost at the PRS market. Consequently few were made however, occasionally they do appear for sale but I haven't seen one for some time. Maybe your message in my guest book might help to discover one.
My best advice is to keep looking but if I hear of one, I will mail you.
Regards, Guy

Date:09-Jul-06, 7:53 pm, GMT
Name:Mike Berry

Hi Guy,
Just a courtesy call to say thanks for contacting the site. Haven't looked at all your guitars, but looks like an interesting collection. I only have one oldie but goodie, and that's an all original 1962 3 tone sunburst Strat. with slab fret board and no whammy bar. I also have a Jap rosewood Tele which is very nice but bloody heavy!
Cheers, Mike

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 09-Jul-06, 11:40 pm, GMT +1

Thank you so much for contacting my site. I especially appreciated hearing from you as you've been an inspiration to me and your recordings of "Tribute to Buddy Holly", "My Little Baby" and "Don't You Think It's Time" were some of the first records I ever bought!
During the last few years, I've seen you on several occasions and enjoyed each gig - however, the very best I attended was in about 1999 when you appeared with Hogan's Heroes and Dave Edmonds in North London.
It was really interesting to read about your Tele and that '62 Strat - it's certainly a collector's item!
You ARE one of the "Great's" of British R 'n' R and you have one of the very best live shows touring today - thank you again for taking the time to visit my site. Keep on Rockin'!
Best wishes, Guy

Date:02-Jul-06, 12:25 am, GMT/td>
Name:Steve Bayfield

Hi Guy
Many thanks for the loan of the Teisco EV-2T. I gave it a good blast through my Marshall amp using the Univibe and it brought back memories of playing the identical Del Rey that I had back in 1973. Like the Windsor Free Festival all over again!!!
Cheers Steve

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 03-Jul-06, 12:50 pm, GMT +1

It was a pleasure to lend you my Teisco. In fact, when I saw the picture of you with your Del Rey on your website it inspired me to try and find one - a process that took about 6 months!
I'm looking forward to hearing your latest recordings soon.
Best wishes, Guy

Date:03-Jun-06, 1:20 pm, GMT
Location:County Durham, England

Hi there, I have just been talking with some fellow musos in my local guitar shop, I mentioned that back in the 70's I owned a 1958 or 59 Fenton Weill bass guitar for which I paid 5 a (3 weeks paper round money back then) , you should have seen their jaws hit the floor. The main question was "do you still have it?" well I am not sure, it could be in my mum's loft but I would have to go and check that out. Anyway even if it is still there I don't think it would be worth much, you see I stripped it all down and painted it with white Dulux gloss paint in about 1972, oh the things you get up to when you are young eh? anyway after I put it all back together again it served me well for a few more years afterwards then it kind of faded away once I bought a new Fender Precision. I just thought that I would drop by and tell you the storey and let you know that I think your site is excellent.

Date:04-May-06, 5:38 pm, GMT

A new feature we have introduced is larger images opening in popup windows. Those pages with a larger image available are indicated by a text on the far right of the menu bar and the popup is activated by clicking on the main picture above the text. Over the next few weeks we will be adding more, to eventually include a larger image for each guitar page.

Date:18-Apr-06, 7:00 pm, GMT

Guy: I'm impressed by your guitar collection, but more interested in your desire to still "rock and roll." To that point, I will be in the UK in May along with my new HD camera equipment and would like very much to film your group in session. Would that be a possibility? I'm working on a short documentary about eggcrate, garage bands who still have a serious passion for their music. What do you think? Would you allow me to film you? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Robin

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 10-May-06, 12:42 pm, GMT +1

Robin, I was very flattered to discover that an author and filmmaker - such as you - should be interested in involving me in a documentary. I've therefore thought long and hard about your offer and, despite misgivings, am now in the process of "dusting off" my drum kit! I have also contacted Martin Bellamy and the two best musicians I ever played with: Bill Geddes and Tony Price - we'll see what transpires!
However, I have also sourced some very talented young and not-so young bands from the West Country and look forward to introducing you to them. In the meantime we look forward to your visit and thank you again for your interest. Guy.

Date:11-Apr-06, 6:15 pm, GMT
Name:Amanda Mackenzie

Me again, I thought I would check out the website again because I understand you have purchased a couple of new guitars. Can't see them on your site just yet? But if you can let me know when they're on I need to let a few people know.

Brilliant website.
Amanda xxx

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 11-Apr-06, 9:02 pm, GMT +1

Thank you for your messages. You are quite correct, another 2 guitars (and more to come!) will be added to my collection soon - a Vox Shadow and a Grimshaw bass both from the 1960's.
I also wanted to congratulate you on the success you have had with your running and for completing your latest run (16 miles!!) in such good time!
Congratulations too on your involvement in Battersea Power Station but I also know what a great organisation they are to be involved with.
I'm looking forward to seeing you soon,
With all my love Dad XXX

Date:11-Apr-06, 11:23 am, GMT
Name:Andy Bole

Nice to see the Burns/Weil Bass that was used in Mungo Jerry on your site, glad its gone to a good home.

Date:01-Apr-06, 9:14 pm, GMT
Name:Rob Kamphues
Location:Vlaardingen - Netherland

Hi Guy, A really impressive guitar collection, one of the best I ever seen. The most brilliant is the "Burns Weil" bassguitar previously owned by John Godfrey from Mungo Jerry, A real treasure !! John Godfrey was member of the band during the best period of Mungo Jerry (1970 / 1973) remember hits as "Baby Jump" and "You Don't Have To Be In The Army" and the brilliant "Have A Whiff On Me" as he played on the withdrawn EP "Lady Rose" and don't forget the contribution on Ray Dorset's solo album "Cold Blue Excursion" The "Burns Weil" (1959?) is a brilliant item in this collection. Keep On Rockin'

Date:29-Mar-06, 11:14 pm, GMT
Name:Mike Layton

Dear Guy,
I was quite impressed with your website mate and very interested with it too !, i used to be in a couple of guitar groups myself guy before actually going on my own as a solo singer in and around the manchester area, we must really have a chat again sometime about our musical interest's, in the meantime mate take care and keep rockin mate.
yours from Mike.

Date:28-Mar-06, 4:26 pm, GMT
Name:Tony Price

Hi there Guy, Really enjoyed looking at your site, Brings back a lot of memories especially when we were gigging together and annoying everybody in the vicinity. but they were great days well done. regards.
Tony Price

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 10-Apr-06, 1:37 pm, GMT +1

Tony (Price),
Its great to still be in touch with you after all these years. I'm sorry to hear that circumstances have forced you to hang up your "Strat" but at least anyone who visits my site will be able to order your CD's via your email address. My favoutite is "Tony Price Sings Country" with 21 great tracks. By the way, now that your recording studio will be used a little less than previously, could I utilise it to house some of my guitar collection -- which is growing fast??
Thank you for being a good friend over the years and a great musical partner -- we had some memorable times together. And you have given thousands of people so much enjoyment with your singing, playing and, especially, your "all-round" ability to entertain an audience.
All best for the future to you and Gill.
Best Wishes,Guy

Date:22-Mar-06, 2:16 pm, GMT

I love the site...well done - it's interesting and fun!

Although I think there is a small section missing about how your youngest daughter inspired your music even more when she was born...ha ha!


Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 10-Apr-06, 1:38 pm, GMT +1

Thank you for your message -- you have always been inspirational to me both before and after you were born!!
Congratulations on your success in Television -- I'm always proud to see your name appearing in the research and production credits (and you appearing in) shows such as "Test The Nation" and "Brainiacs".
I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.
With all my love Dad XXX

Date:21-Mar-06, 9:25 pm, GMT
Name:guy mackenzie

Thank you so much for visiting my site--yes we all had a great time in Mull and lets try to meet there again soon.
I really enjoyed the preview of your latest movie "Mothers and Daughters" and I'm sure millons more will when it goes on general release very soon.You are a Star and its been my privilege that you have taken time out of a busy schedule to visit my site!
Guy xxxx

Date:20-Mar-06, 9:46 pm, GMT

Hey there Guy...... If I'd know you were so musically inclined, I would have insisted on some jam sessions in Mull!! Dearest Allan bought me an acousitc guitar years ago, and there it sat, in a corner of my room, collecting dust. But alas, I became inspired and took a classical guitar class. I learned to read music, which I've since forgotten, and to butcher some of my favorite songs. But I continue to do so and always love playing. Your story and website are both suprising to me and inspiring. I'm going to go butcher away right now....Can't wait to see you again, and see what you got...............

Date:18-Mar-06, 10:11 am, GMT
Name:Nick Harling
Location:Ribchester, Lancashire

Hello again Guy, and congratulations on producing such a super website! It's lovely to see the 62' Dualtone being so well cared-for and appreciated by its new owner. I thoroughly enjoyed my time owning and playing it, too. Since we last spoke, I have stripped down my collection even further - a pair of Watkins Rapiers (22 and 33) from the mid-60s, which I play all the time. Cheap, yes, but they make me cheerful! All the best, Nick.

Date:13-Mar-06, 5:18 pm, GMT
Name:Tatiana Blue

Dude: You're totally awesome! I can totally relate to your dream. Don't know much about those guitars, but dude, I know what it feels like to have the fire inside. Even tho it sounds as if you got side tracked by life and stuff, it looks as tho you've continued to follow your heart and soul in your ever lasting search for creative freedom. Carry on.

Date:12-Mar-06, 11:19 pm, GMT
Name:Grouse Guitars
Location:sending guitars worldwide

many thanks for the message Guy! Yes, I'm very happy to exchange links with such a great website! Here at Grouse Guitars we share and understand the passion for the many variations the guitar can assume! From the Godwin organ guitar we just sent to Germany to the quirkiest of early Japanese and European models, we love them all! Plus, of course, the evergreen classics. Cheers, and cngrats on a GROUSE website!

Neil, Grouse Guitars

Date:10-Mar-06, 2:56 pm, GMT
Name:Amanda Mackenzie

I think the website is really good. There are some amazing looking guitars on there. Also, the Wheal Buller Project looks great. I've been there before - so I know!

Well done for this interesting site.


Date:08-Mar-06, 12:35 am, GMT
Name:guy mackenzie

Steve, Thanks for your message. I'm not surprised you regret selling your Del Rey--I'd certainly like to have one in my collection! So keep watching this space!
I enjoyed looking at your website and wonder what guitars you currently own? Also did I see you using a Vox Phantom?

Date:04-Mar-06, 11:29 pm, GMT
Name:Steve Bayfield
Location:West Cornwall

I used to own a Del Rei guitar in the early 70s (photo on my website: and I was wondering if you've come across this make before?
The logo on the machine head was red and white with a rising sun design. I sold it in 1973, not realising at the time, just how rare this style of guitar was to become.

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