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Date:16-Sep-07, 5:28 pm, GMT

hi guy just looked at your site ! and just wanted to say what a great collection !!!! and how nice it was to see the guitar that i restored . and what a great walk down memory lane looking at your site 10 out of 10 from me full of info and laid out nice ! what a great web site. all the best and see you soon from TATMAN

Date:10-Sep-07, 12:17 pm, GMT

Hi Guy,
Your website is looking great and I can't believe how much your collection is'll need another house for your guitars soon!

Date:09-Sep-07, 11:56 pm, GMT
Name:Pialat Bernard
Location:South France

Votre collection est tres belle, je possede aussi une quarantaine de oldtimer guitares.
Avec beaucoup de plaisir
Bernard Pialat
Sun from South France

Date:24-Jul-07, 11:37 am, GMT
Name:Chris Sullivan
Location:Isle of Wight


My first guitar was a Freshman 5800, second hand from Selmer’s shop in Charing Cross Road together with a Little Giant amp; this would have been about 1964. Like most of us from this era I was in a group at school, The Stylists. As I am left-handed I had to re-string the guitar but I was never very comfortable with it and within about a year Roger across the road decided guitar playing was not for him and he sold me, for £75.00 his, by then, third or forth hand, left-handed, Burns Trisonic two pickup job which came with a beautiful, plush lined Selmer hard case. Sadly, over the years my mum saw fit to dispose of all my gear but after many vicissitudes I now have a Selmer Zodiac Twin-Tone 30 watt amp, a Watkins CopyCat, (valve type) and two guitars, both left-handed, a Fender Telecaster, sunburst finish and a 50th anniversary sunburst Stratocaster which I have fitted with Custom 54 Fender pick-ups. The Telecaster is my favourite. I am now in what you might call a Shadows tribute band with my mate Ron from work. He plays lead and I play rhythm we also have a drummer who is quite a bit younger than us, we all work on the buses and a school teacher who plays bass.

Ron, who hails from Dartford, plays a pink Mexican Strat through a modern amp and a solid-state Watkins CopyCat (although I have a second Selmer, a Twin Selector-Tone which is being rebuilt at the moment.) His first guitar was a Vox Soundcaster and he has a picture of him playing it taken in the early sixties.

Well, that’s all for now, great site, kindest regards,

Chris Sullivan.

Date:22-Jul-07, 2:41 pm, GMT

hi my name is harry prytherch, i was the original drummer with the merseybeat group THE REMO FOUR. the remo four were the first merseybeat group to have a full fender line up. i still am involved in merseybeat as on mersey side the music is as strong as ever . with original group members still gigging regular. eg---the mojos--the undertakers--the black knights--lee curtis--farons flamingos--the clayton squares--the jaywalkers--ian&the zodiacs plus many more. i think guys site and collection is just fantastic, its good we have people like him to preserve our musical heritage. i would be happy to answer any questions on merseybeat--groups--personalities anything you like, but please mention seing this on guys message board. best wishes harry prytherch

Date:20-Jul-07, 5:30 am, GMT
Name:James Johnson

1957 Dallas Tuxedo

Hi Guy,

Thanks again for all your help with my Dallas Tuxedo restoration project! Your knowledge and assistance are truly appreciated.

-James Johnson

Date:05-Jul-07, 8:45 pm, GMT
Name:Margaret Bell

Wonderful site.Rich with memories and info on some great Guitars.Take care and keep going.OB

Date:27-Jun-07, 2:00 pm, GMT

Hey there, great website!

I am looking for some more info on starforce guitars. If anyone has any info, i would appreciate an email or postback!

"Instruments previously produced in Korea. Initially exported by Tropical Music of Miami, Florida prior to their purchase of the Dean company.

The Starforce company was started in 1988. These medium quality solid body guitars feature designs based on the original Stratocaster, as well as the superstrat. With the introduction of models such as the 8007 with its more original body design, and several bass guitar models, Starforce seeks to expand its market niche, but apparantly isn´t producing any guitars at this moment, (Source: Tony Bacon, The Ultimate Guitar Book )."

""Tropical Music of Miami is now Tropical Music Export Enterprises, Inc. ( and still located in Miami. Their manager who said to the best of his knowledge there were four models produced; the 8000, 8002, 8004 and 8007. All of which (that he could remember) had solid maple bodies and necks. The company only serves Central America, South America, the Caribbean, & the B.W.I. so these guitars were never directly sold in the U.S.. Tropical music has not had a contract with Starforce for quite a few years and they dont have any records from that far back."" (Found on a forum someplace)

Date:25-Jun-07, 10:27 pm, GMT
Name:Mandy - Herland

Amazing collection..keep rockin' Guy x

Date:21-Jun-07, 4:08 pm, GMT
Name:Gary Leport

Message preview

My First guitar was a Framus Grand star electric archtop, at the age of 15 ! but the beat bug bit me , so i wanted a solid , so i was bought a white dallas tuxedo , that was the guitar i used in the early published pictures when i ist played with Rod Stewart, in his very first rock band! after that i bought a brand new Burns vibra artist, and the band was renamed to the Moontrekkers, previously being Rod Stewart & the Raiders, i recorded " Night of the Vampire, in 1961" with the Burns, nearly changing it for a Burns bison 4 pick up job , but changed my mind at the last minute!, after that i had a Guild Starfire, in black , the only one that i have seen , i wonder where it is now? ? Next i had a guild manhattan , followed by a Gibson 335 in Cherry red ! sold that too , madness ! used the Guild starfire in the Five Dimensions that i formed with bassist Louis Cennamo, that also included Rod ...! In recent years , ive collected guitars , got about 25, five Hofner Committees, some old Gibsons,etc Just bought an old clavioline to use with the Moontrekkers in our last gig ! should be fun ! Shades of Joe Meek ! Got two Burns vibra artists ,and a burns Sonic ! The possibly last Moontrekkers gig will be on the 4th July 2007, at Maldon , Essex, at the Bewick club, at the Swan hotel High street , Maldon , starts about 7.30.

Date:14-Jun-07, 1:54 pm, GMT
Name:Mike aka Pieruixmaster

Cheers Guy, Just wanted to say this is very good information, I hope people will see one of my "MONSTERS" here soon.

My link here is just a promo, I can not upload what I can do with my Univox Gimme, that has more effects I built in there way back in 74 and 75 that it has been part of me forever. So I built this one, and now I have a new one that I am desinging just like my own, so you will see that soon.

I enjoy the site, and if I can help, you got it!


Date:17-May-07, 4:43 pm, GMT
Name:Johan de Greyze
Location:The Netherlands

I found your site after a search through Google on Aria Diamond. This is because I have a hollow body one. I like your site and had a look at the black Fender Stratocaster as I have one myself.
You can se them yourself if you like on:

Date:17-May-07, 12:18 am, GMT
Location:Oswestry England Uk

hi there i was given a rosetti lucky squire signed by some portuguese person but cannot find out whom it is i was just wondering wat sort of price are they going for now as mine is in fair condition for its age all help would be much appreciated many thanks barry

Date:15-May-07, 10:43 pm, GMT
Name:Cormac Doyle

I have a Traveling Wilbury Guitar TW-100T in the orginial box. The design on the front of the guitar seems to differ from others I have seen. Can anyone shed the light? Aldo howmany guitars were produced?

Date:04-May-07, 11:38 pm, GMT
Name:Frank Allen

As the bassist with the Searchers for 43 years my great passion is guitars and after meeting Guy at one of our shows I checked out the site and was thrilled. I just love those quirky old instruments that might not be the finest or best to play but which are so iconic of my youth. It`s easy to love an old Gibson or a Fender but in the days when all we could get were Hofners and Framus just owning a guitar no matter how good or bad was something special. Like Guy I too have a lot of these fun pieces in my own collection which, by the way, was also the subject of a Guitar & Bass magazine feature. All the best from me to guitar lovers everywhere.

Date:22-Apr-07, 10:10 am, GMT
Name:wim markenhof

Hallo Guy,
That's a lot of nice info you give on this beatiful website. As an Egmond collector I am very happy with the egmonds and Rosetti you show. Did you know Gary Moore also played a Rosetti?? The Lucky Squire.

Date:14-Apr-07, 8:05 pm, GMT
Location:Lincs, England

Thanks Guy, your site and your knowledge of vintage guitars is a credit to you. The advice and informatoin regarding the Fenton Weill Amzon project that I am undertaking has been invauable due to the fact that you are the only person I have found on the net with any knowledge of these rare guitars. Can you or anybody else tell me what pickups were origionally used or a similar modern equivalent?

Thanks again


Date:31-Mar-07, 1:51 pm, GMT

What a wonderful site, so many great photos from when budget guitars meant more than just another copy Strat/Tele/LP ....and such a great story of a life in music.

All the best and look after those beautiful instruments,

Take Care, Wayne

Date:23-Mar-07, 6:19 pm, GMT

Washburn A15 for sale on Ebay

Great site! love the pics... Cant belive you have an A15 like mine.

Date:21-Mar-07, 2:15 pm, GMT

very unusual collection. We don't see makes like that in great abundance here. Best part of the site is the pix from the past.They point out the bond we all have as players is universal. Makes me want to drag out mine.Thanks

Date:17-Mar-07, 4:40 pm, GMT
Name:Matthew james


Thank you for your help with my Vox Stroller.

Great collection and a great website.


Date:14-Mar-07, 1:51 pm, GMT
Name:Martin Kennedy-bell


What a great website.

Is that really you in the photo of the Clynol Christmas Party 1975?

All the best , Martin.

Date:08-Mar-07, 9:20 pm, GMT
Name:the night the master falls over

Wow! what a fabulous and inspiring collection. I can't believe you have a a15 washburn explorer. I always wanted one. To e-bay!

Date:06-Mar-07, 8:38 pm, GMT
Name:Bill Trench
Location:NY State, US

Hello. I recently aquired this marvelous '68 Phantom-22. I believe it was badged as a Teisco, with the later style rectangular badge, as I can faintly see the " ghost" of the original. It may have also been badged as a Kimberly, or a Heit Deluxe. Any info would be appreciated, and I'd really like to procure a correct badge. .

Also, if anyone would like to see pics of the rest of my meager collection of guitars,predominately Teisco-made , feel free to e-mail
Pic of Phantom at :
Thanks, Bill

Date:16-Feb-07, 4:07 pm, GMT
Name:Tony Wright
Location:East Midlands

I wonder if anyone can help. I am a left hander who owns a mint 62 Burns Sonic as part of a LH collection. I have some evidence that the Vibra Artiste by Burns was also made LH as a custom order in the 60's when such things were very rarely done.Has anyone out there seen,r heard of or own such a beast? I have searched and searched but to no avail. Any information gratefully received.

Date:11-Feb-07, 4:55 pm, GMT
Name:Nick Roche
Location:Eye, Suffolk, UK

Hi Guy

I've just acquired an acoustic guitar made in London by John Bailey in 1970. I'm trying to find out a bit more about him and I see that you have an electric guitar made by someone with the same name. Do you (or anyonone else reading this) know if it is the same person and, if so, do you know anything about him?

I've put everything I've found so far on Wikipedia:

You can see my new guitar here: (I will be taking some better pictures eventually)

Nick Roche

Date:05-Feb-07, 5:31 am, GMT
Name:ash fiebig

Hi Guy,thanks for getting back to me about my BURNS/LONDON 1963 6 STRING SPLIT SOUND BASS guitar,hoping some of your readers may no something about this model of guitar,i cant find anyone that has,or seen one of these guitars,please contact me if anyone has some info,thanks again for your help,

Date:02-Feb-07, 3:15 pm, GMT
Name:Robert Farnley
Location:Toronto, Canada

what a great site
I played in a Manchester band, The Confederates, in the early sixties. My first electric was a Rosetti Lucky 7. I used to think it was made from the plywood in tea chests! The action was about an inch. I told people later that "if you can play a Rosetti, you can play anything"
i also had a Futurama and my favourite, a Hofner Colorama with a leatherette body. In the band I played a Hofner President bass. (a pic of this bass,played by my successor, is in the MDMArchive under Confederates.
I have have new collection of modern guitars including a real Gibson SG twin neck and a 1982 Ibanez Pro Roadstar. This one really rocks!!!
great site. lots of guitars I'd forgoton about.
Robert Farnley

Date:18-Jan-07, 9:14 pm, GMT
Location:St. Louis Mo. USA

I received a blue sparkle finish vintage guitar with a tremolo bar, funky rocker style switches and two single coil pickups. It's coolest trait though is the fret inlays as there are two at every marker location and they come in from the sides. The 12th fret has a single marker in the middle. It has a bound neck and anyway I got it from a friend and wrote in to this site for any info on it as there is nothing to designate a maker.
Wow, within minutes I got my response. Apparently it is a "Norma" made in Japan by a company named "Tombo". It is a very cool guitar which actually sounds very good and plays well. It is suffering from a lack of attention as it was stored under a bed in a plastic bag with the strings at tension for some 20 to 30 years. The owner said he bought it in 1966 new. Anyone interested in seeing pictures is welcome to e-mail me! Cheers!


Date:13-Jan-07, 3:44 am, GMT
Location:Missouri, USA

I have an Austin Hatchet (Kay travel guitar) and I love it. I have owned it for about 15 years and it is a lot of fun to play. Does anyone know what it might be worth these days?

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