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Date:28-Mar-08, 3:24 am, GMT
Name:alan lovell

Hello again Doug. Just seen John Leyton at Milton Keynes (1996) on your web site. I was the guitarist on the gig that day. Great fun ! Cheers again. Alan. (SBJs)

Date:28-Mar-08, 3:01 am, GMT

Hi Guy. Thanks for letting me know my first electric guitar was a Dallas Tuxedo.(I often wonderd what the make was?) It was my first electric guitar. After that photo was taken, the guy holding the Dallas Tuxedo (Keith) bought a Bass guitar (Then the group sounded a lot better ! ) I also had a Club 40 (Hofner) at that time ! I have a photo to prove it! ha ha . What would Ray's (S B Js) Cherry Red Gibson be worth now ? If it had'nt been stolen in the 60s ., Lets not go there ! Thanks for emailing me. Dont be a stranger. All the best. Alan. (SBJs)

Date:27-Mar-08, 1:28 pm, GMT
Name:Bf 949

great to see one of my guitars on your website.I made it in the 60sfor a band called Echo Mountain Boys fromKent who were under the guidance of Bill Clfton from the USA.I made it in1968 in Wembley before I moved to Dartmouth in 1972.It was one of the earliest solids I made.What a fantastic collection you have.Keep up the good work. Cheers John Bailey

Date:17-Mar-08, 12:27 am, GMT
Name:nathan b

hey , thanks for your help,

my dad brought me the marlin masterclass mmc-11 and i have never been able to find anything out about it untill i came across you guys, thankyou once again :):):):) nathan b

Date:12-Mar-08, 9:12 pm, GMT

many thanks guy for telling us more about the the watkins we came across you were very helpfull im glad i came across this site what a fab site too

Date:22-Feb-08, 1:53 pm, GMT
Name:James Gossip
Location:Helston, Cornwall

A pleasure and a privilege to be shown such a wonderful collection by such a knowledgeable guitar fan.
It's just got me wanting more!
Many thanks once again Guy.

Date:18-Feb-08, 10:38 am, GMT
Name:Dave Edwards

Guitar builder for Henry Weill in the early 60s at Reynolds Road, Acton. If anyone still has my FW one-off red, single sided head, semi acoustic, I'd like to know where it's been since 1967! Keith and Mike where are you?

Date:08-Feb-08, 11:24 am, GMT
Name:Paul Carroll

Guy, thanks for the link promise. I had linked to some of your guitars in the past. Will have to add some more esp the Segovia


Date:03-Feb-08, 8:41 pm, GMT
Name:Davor Pavuna

Guy, it took me some time to visit the galery and it is amazing: what a collection ! Moreover, it's an asset to all of us worldwide as we need the reference galeries to find out what's the real art ! From what I hear the collection guitars are the safest investment in the past 50 years ... still going up (while baby bommers age :-)

BTW, how do I add few photos to the gallery?

Bon courage and bravo !


Date:03-Feb-08, 7:21 pm, GMT
Name:Davor Pavuna
Location:Switzerland and Croatia

Dear Guy, thanks for your latest feedback concerning this unique Fender Coronado (with a 3+3 headstock). I am trying to load few photos to your page for all the experts to have a look: seems to me that this guitar is totally unique - and Fender are officially unaware of it (they do not deny it - just they have no records) !

Thanks, Davor

Date:28-Jan-08, 12:45 am, GMT
Name:wayne goldsmith

Hi i have 1897 washburn guitar that i would like to now the value of serial no is 316685 style 112

Date:27-Jan-08, 12:55 am, GMT
Name:Stein Johnsen

Quite an amazing collection you have there! A lot more than I have, but feel free to have a look if you feel like it!

Date:23-Jan-08, 5:57 pm, GMT
Name:Billy Carlen

I Love This site .rave on

Date:17-Jan-08, 9:10 pm, GMT
Name:Steve Williams

I was watching the Antiques Roadshow and stopped to take more attention when I heard the Dallas Tuxedo being mentioned. This was especially significant as I have had a two pickup example, in wood finish, for the past 40 years.

I originally bought this for a small sum from a local second-hand shop, as I was then a 13 year old who wanted to learn to play electric.

The Tuxedo is complete and in original condition, including hard case. I have just had Dave at Axeshack ( to give it a service, and the most significant work was a new set of flat wound strings, to suit.

I would love to hear from others who have either owned, or still own, a Tux'.

Many thanks Guy for having such a great collection, and I look forward to hearing more about the plans for a dedicated web site for the Tux'.

Date:31-Dec-07, 3:44 pm, GMT
Name:Gavin Armstrong

Great Website, are you intrested in building guitars? Come join the luthier website @

Date:31-Dec-07, 12:15 am, GMT
Location:Ohio, USA

Awesome collection.
I was ecstatic to see another Telestar H1 as I'd never seen one besides my own before. Looking through these has also inspired me to try and find a really cheap vintage japanese made guitar to fiddle around with; I've always been entranced by Jaguar and Jazzmaster type guitars, but never though I could afford one. And thanks for the help on the details of the H1!

Date:30-Dec-07, 10:57 pm, GMT
Name:Paul Wratten
Location:Dunedin, New Zealand

Hi Guy.

I love the site and your wonderfully eclectic collection.

I'm a fellow Fenton-Weill and Kay aficionado and I've recently started setting up a website to collate the history of Fenton-Weill and Kay. It's very much the start of a work in progress but I welcome any input from anybody who's got something to add.

All the best for 2008!!!

Date:30-Dec-07, 5:00 am, GMT
Name:John Thompson

Hi Guy. What a great site! You have an envious collections of guitars. I found it while searching for details on a Kent Polaris, which was recently given to me. It seems to be rather rare, though unfortunately not highly sought after. All the best to you.

Date:12-Dec-07, 2:05 pm, GMT
Name:Dave Turner

A friend of mine recovered a Kay guitar (Les Paul style) from a waste skip. He sold it to me for 30. It needed some repairs, cleaning & minor parts and is now a good looking & sounding instrument. It dates from around 1980 - made in Japan Thanks Guy for the information on Kay Guitars.

Date:09-Dec-07, 10:08 pm, GMT
Name:Billy Carlen
Location:las vegas nv

Thats so cool .Your frind Billy Carlen.

Date:25-Nov-07, 11:33 am, GMT
Name:Hans Werner Finking
Location:Dortmund - Germany

what an amazing collection of wonderful guitars on your pages. Have just linked your site, you deserve it to be presented on one of the world's most comprehensive Buddy Holly websites.
Cheers from Germany

Date:16-Nov-07, 12:08 am, GMT
Name:Tanya Dyer

What an amazing collection, someone has a real passion for the guitars...Owner must have a very good taste and knowledge of finer things in life.

Date:13-Nov-07, 7:47 pm, GMT
Name:Eric Sandiford

Hi Guy
Just a short message to say that your web site is of interest everytime I look. I get a shot of nostalgia seeing the low budget guitars which were all we could afford in the early 60s. Thanks also for the encouragement in establishing my web site for Grimshaw, a forgotten brand until we decided to do something about it.
Best wishes

Date:12-Nov-07, 6:54 am, GMT
Name:Andy Smith
Location:Medway, Kent. England

Hi Guy, Many thanks for your very helpful reply to my email query about the value of my Washburn A-15 for sale. Your site is a fantastic wealth of guitar knowledge.

If anyone is interested in buying my Washburn A-15 for a bargain price please email me.

Many thanks

Date:01-Nov-07, 6:08 am, GMT

Hello i just wanted to say that i like your site you got lots of great guitars.I got an old guitar called a zenon it is an electric and it is in desent shape and i dont know much about it i do know my uncle got it years ago when he was in the navy.if you have any info could you contact me......thanks.

Date:21-Oct-07, 9:02 pm, GMT
Location:Scotland UK

My first electric guitar was a Watkins Rapier 33 and it cost me 36 way back in '67.

It was so good to see it again on your amazing website in all it's glory!

Since those days, I have owned and played Fender Stratocasters and Gibson Les Pauls, but none of these can compare to the Rapier 33 for sheer nostalgia.
The buzz is still there man! :-)

Keep up the good work.


Date:14-Oct-07, 10:25 pm, GMT

Guy. Finally got round to putting my Antoria 993 on the Antoria MSN Group. I also put on a copy of your Antoria 994 and several plugs for your wonderful website. I would have done it sooner but MSN would not allow me to upload any photos until tonight.
Once again many thanks to you (and Paul Day) for your help in identifying my guitar. Richard

Date:04-Oct-07, 10:49 am, GMT
Name:Guy Mackenzie

Re: Kurt Cobain Epiphone E270.
This is my reply to message No 96 left by Aperson on 18th September 2007.
Prior to Nevermind, Kurt Cobain used several "less expensive" guitars including Univoxs and Epiphones. I understand that his guitar of choice , at that time, was his red Epiphone E-270. This was the red guitar he used in In Bloom-Sub Pop. This was also a guitar he used in the recording of Bleach and this seems well documented.
Thank you for visiting my site and leaving a message in my Guestbook.
Best Wishes,Guy.

Date:25-Sep-07, 8:48 am, GMT
Name:The Glittter Band

How relaxing to find this site and browse through this fantastic guitar collection, superb! You may recall we were one of the pioneers of 'novelty' guitars when Mike Leander our manager and producer had built for us a golden star guitar in 1972, we replaced it with one built by John Birch in 1975 and this guitar was gigged until 2002 when Gerry Shephard fell ill, sure the guitar picked up a few kocks and bruises along the way but was lovingly tended to each time. The guitar is now 'resting' but is cared for each day. It is an icon of the GlamRock era and outlived and outlasted ALL other novelty guitars built at that time by John Birch. If interested there is a section on our site about the guitar's history. Anyway super site Guy and well done!!

Date:18-Sep-07, 10:18 pm, GMT

Great Collection but the epiphone that you claim that kurt cobain used is wrong... i know it looks like it... but the real guitar where a Univox Custom hi-flyer 1965.. that one is totaly diffrent

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