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Date:12-Apr-09, 10:48 am, GMT
Name:dan gregory
Location:stroud glos

what!, been looking for a site like this for ages and went online as soon as i saw artical in helston news. great to see columbus which is identical to the first guitar i bought in 93 for £70 ( minus gibson neck i think! ) what a beaut. also framus in the frame good show, dan

Date:06-Apr-09, 1:00 pm, GMT
Name:bill bloomfield

hello just read about supersounds in mag interesting!. I am off work at the moment with a broken wrist so i thought i'd tell u about my Framus star bass which isnt the large semi-acoustic, but a short scale solid with a sliding pick up. Its not in very good nick, but plays ok despite a small crack at the headstock[i think where its glued on]. I might come on again and explain about my hofner solids.

Date:05-Apr-09, 2:30 am, GMT
Name:Anne Kastner

I was try to check out the prices of Framus Star-Bass, one of which I spotted for £300 recently. It's such a lovely looking guitar (later played by Bill Wyman), I wanna have it! I also own a Broadway guitar like the first one you picture, but it has twin pick-ups so maybe a later model? Love your pages though! So hard to get decent photos of great vintage guitars.

Date:31-Mar-09, 4:04 pm, GMT

i have a guitar that identical to your Tremo Twenty. But mine's a sunburst and the headstock says "Lafayette." know anything about those? anyway awesome guitars

Date:18-Mar-09, 10:33 am, GMT
Name:Amanda Mackenzie


Just had a quick look and the site is looking brilliant! Had the best weekend with you guys - The Searchers were amazing! Am still singing their songs.

Will keep checking the website. Looking forward to Scarlet becoming a guitar player.


Date:18-Mar-09, 3:17 am, GMT
Name:Mark / Seville Guitars
Location:McFarland, WI

Loved the site. Have been trying to ID a guitar I have that turns out to be a Kay LP Synth as shown in this collection....Thanks! It is offered for sale on eBay right now (3-17-09)

Owner/Seville Guitars

Date:09-Mar-09, 7:43 am, GMT
Location:Anchorage AK

I just picked up an Egmond acoustice guitar serial # 19290080. 1929 were they making instruments tehn. This the first Egmond I have ever seen and its in very good condition.

Date:07-Feb-09, 3:26 am, GMT
Location:united states


Date:05-Feb-09, 4:29 am, GMT

hey, i noticed theres a 1960's kent no. 540
does anyone know how much a mint condition would be worth now a days? if you could get to me, i would really appreciate it!

Date:24-Jan-09, 5:44 pm, GMT
Name:ruth andrews

Would like to say thanks a lot to Guy for pointing me in the right direction and helping me contact John Bailey who my family knew centuries ago. Thank you again, Guy.

Date:17-Jan-09, 12:26 pm, GMT

I too play the drums yet really love guitars. Sadly, you have all the guitars I WANT IN MY COLLECTION! However, your site is wonderfully presented and I wish you continued success in your collecting. Cheers Paul. P.S. if you come across a Peavey T60, natural finish, give me a shout please, I lost mine years ago at Waterloo station, some git pinched it!!!

Date:27-Dec-08, 6:19 am, GMT
Name:Raven Slaughterc

You rock!!!
What a killer website!
Thanx for all your efforts!

Date:23-Dec-08, 9:50 pm, GMT


I have got an old eko 700 4V from my father, but there are missing a few things...
at first I need a pickup, can you help me? where do I get?


Date:23-Dec-08, 6:12 am, GMT
Name:Dave Turner

I have the body & neck of an old guitar which Guy tells me is 1960's Egmond. No scratchplate or electrics.
If anyone is interested in re-building it they can contact me for some pictures. It will be free to a good home!

Date:21-Dec-08, 6:05 pm, GMT
Name:Paul Austen

I had a Freshman 5800 back in the 80's, but mine had a maple neck. Neck was bent, it was unplayable, surprised it didn't put me off playing the guitar. Cost me £18.00 in about 82. It amazes me the price of these "budget" brands now on ebay. When they were new they were rubbish, now they are just old rubbish ;-) but fascinating for those of us who tried to learn on them. All the best, Paul

Date:17-Dec-08, 11:17 pm, GMT
Location:Kew, Richmond Surrey, UK.

Dear Guy,

Many congratulations on your updated site, it really is an excellent means of sharing your passion with the world!!.
Having seen your guitars on the BBC’s Antiques Road Show and in person, I must say collection is fabulous.
I have been pondering my favourite and it is difficult to say but I think it has to be the Dallas Tuxedo AKA ‘Tux’, but the Vox Shadow and Vox White (red!!) Shadow and Fender Jaguar Mustang are all close seconds. I also admire the Shergold PD Custom due to its striking colour. I better not forget to mention the Bruno ‘Vernon’ if not only at least for its it excellent name!!

I look forward to seeing you and the collection again at Christmas.
Best Wishes, Scott.

Date:11-Dec-08, 12:15 pm, GMT
Name:Pete Turner
Location:Manchester, England

Hi Guy - first of all congratulations on such a wonderful collection and for setting up the website - fantastic.

Secondly, a massive thanks to yourself and Paul Day for your kind assistance in helping me to identify and date my Shaftesbury model "65" Hollow Body (Thinline 'T' type) guitar. Much appreciated! I'll send you a piccy or two when the restoration is complete. And no, sadly my Dad no longer has his Framus Star Bass - I wonder where it is now?!

No doubt I'll be clicking my way back here quite often - keep up the good work.

Best regards - Pete

Date:10-Dec-08, 6:19 pm, GMT

i have a sunburst paint, hollowed out, dual pickup, 4 sound afect options, guitar and i has a quick glance at ur piks of your colection and i noticed u dont have it, if you are located anywere in the uk and im willing to sell u it for a price of your choice

Date:10-Dec-08, 2:18 pm, GMT
Name:Bill Styler
Location:N. Idaho, U.S.A.

I am thoroughly enjoying the views. This is a terrific collections and site. Thanks!

Bill Styler

Date:08-Dec-08, 11:39 pm, GMT

Dad, we're loving the new look site, it's great!

Very proud!

Love you xxx

Date:06-Dec-08, 8:08 pm, GMT
Name:Scott Smith

I've been trying to identify a guitar I bought in a pawn shop over 2 years ago. It was obviously a mid-sixties Japanese copy of a Jaguar but with NOTHING on the headstock that would help me identify it. Thanks to this wonderful website of your guitar collection I now know that it is a 4 pick-up version of your "Bruno
Vernon". THANK YOU !

Date:04-Dec-08, 5:36 pm, GMT
Name:Trevor Janes

Fantastic collection, I'm very jealous!

Date:24-Nov-08, 3:27 pm, GMT
Name:chris jameson
Location:n.w england

Guy has really got the knowledge! i asked him about a guitar with a plate made by Bendix on it, made in the 60's and which i got 20 years ago. it totally flummoxed him and Paul, but even then they still knew more about it than anyone else on the net!! this kind of site is not only entertaining, but a facinating source of info too. wonderful stuff!

Date:22-Nov-08, 3:56 pm, GMT
Name:TATMAN (roy)
Location:grizzly adams place

Hi there buddy , wow how your collection has grown !! thanks for the read of the magazine , which was very interesting!!!! i particulary like the hondo m16 :~) well cool . must have been a hard one to get hold of. all the best for now and i will catch up with you in a couple of weeks if not before:~D regards form tatman

Date:18-Nov-08, 7:16 pm, GMT
Name:Dave Cooper
Location:Dover Kent

Hello Guy,
I have been trying to find information about a guitar called a COMMODORE which I purchased in 1970. It was Japanease and had the look of a Burns about it. A fellow band member brought a Commodore which resembled a 335. I can find no info about this company and wondered if you had heard of them and what happened to them?
Dave Cooper

Date:17-Nov-08, 9:57 pm, GMT
Name:John Cross

Hi guy, you've made yet another sad old rocker wipe away tears of 70's nostalgia, but as we all know, your first great guitar in your first great band is like your first true love, you never forget! Fortunately for everyone, no recordings exist to shatter the illusion!
I wonder if you could help. I've been trying to get hold of a red Hofner 172 exactly like the one shown on your site. Tragically I missed one for £175 recently. Do you ever come across them or know anywhere I can contact. This must be done with utmost secrecy as darling wife would wrap it around my head and set fire to the others if she found out. I'm trying to think of a way of pitching the idea as a sound investment for the children's future? Any suggestions appreciated!
Many thanks, John

Date:11-Nov-08, 12:47 am, GMT

Wow ! a nice collection you have there! especially liked the Dallas Tuxedo, the white two pu model was my 1st solid guitar , back in 1959!

Date:07-Nov-08, 11:03 pm, GMT
Name:Laurie Wisefield

Ooh you have some very cool guitars there Guy! Thanks for being in touch. Its amazing how fully grown men can break out in a sweat over six strings and a plank of wood aye?
All the best to you

Date:05-Nov-08, 1:07 pm, GMT
Name:Dave Turner

Its good to see the collection featured in the latest Guitar & Bass magazine.
If anyone out there fancies rebuilding an Audition semi acoustic - which Guy tells me is from around 1970 - they must contact me. Free to a good home but it needs a lot of work. I can send some pictures on request.

Date:31-Oct-08, 1:41 pm, GMT

Hi, I'm Ake from Sweden. I am really impressed by this guitarcollectors site.
So many fine instruments. I would like to thank you Guy for all the great information regarding my odd Japanesee guitars from the 60's. I would also like to express my content about the work of Paul Day as he found the very most valuable information about my guitars. I immediately ordered his book: "The ultimate guitar book".

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